Ball control – bouncing the ball

This week we’re learning how to develop our ball skills further with bouncing.

We’ve been teaming up with partners. and are using different equipment to increase the challenge. Next week, we’ll be using these skills in a few team building circuits.

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Caring for our Beanstalks

Having planted our broad beans, we now have the responsibility of looking after them!

In science, we are testing some to see whether they actually need both water and sunlight with some experiments the children came up with. Don’t worry though, none of the children’s are involved in this!

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Developing our ball control in PE

This week we’re looking at controlling the ball through rolling. The children were rolling the balls along the lines of the playground and back and forth to each other. We even managed a game of Dodge Ball once we’d learned a few skills. Great fun!

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Growing our beanstalks…

We’ve had all kinds of fun this week with our new giants topic.

Of course, we couldn’t get away without growing some beanstalks! I wonder how tall they will get? Or whether there’ll be anything at the top!


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Easter egg hunt – Goodleigh style!

I couldn’t resist popping some pictures up of our Easter egg hunt in the secret garden.

Now there are some very happy faces!


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Trip to Powderham Castle

What a wonderful class! They all looked amazing in their costumes and really enjoyed our trip to Powderham, learning about the castle grounds, discovering secret doors, spotting deer and visiting the pet corner.

We discovered that a Narwhal tooth was kept in the entrance of many castles, where people were lead to believe it was a unicorn horn and that the castle was enchanted.

And that the original staircase was deemed too small for ladies to walk down with their magnificent, oversized skirts, so it was made larger, with a window above for good lighting and small steps, so they would be appreciated in all their glory, as they glided down to meet their guests!




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Percussion in Class One

Having been inspired by David Insua at Monday’s concert, Class One decided to have a go with our own percussion instruments, revisiting our learning on beat and tempo. Look at the concentration on those faces!

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Science is fun!

Having discussed which the children thought would be the best for wrapping up a parcel, the children came up with their own ways to test it. Some decided to wrap a parcel with the different papers, to see which ripped, was easiest to fold, was best for writing on… others chose to wave the papers around in the air to see which didn’t rip! And then we got to play pass the parcel, of course!


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Using numicon to find number bonds

There are definitely some photo favs in this collection! The year 1s have been exploring as many different ways to make numbers, using numicon, and the Reception children are adding single digit numbers.

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Sorting materials in Science

We’ve had a very scientific time, sorting objects according to their materials, and discussing what each of the materials are like.

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