Exploring ways to measure volume

The children were experimenting with ways to measure half and quarter using a measuring jug.


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Getting crafty

There’s never a moment when you shouldn’t be able to use glitter!

You should see some of our creations on display at the Christmas Nativity.

(See you there Tuesday!)


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Solving problems with weight…

Not THAT kind of problem!

The children have been using the scales to find out which toy weighs the most, or the least.


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I thought it was a while since we had a look at some gym photos, so I’ve given you extra for your delight! The children are really doing well, and are developing a great sense of balance. Fantastic effort all round.


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Telling the time

Not only did we make our own clocks, and learn about telling the time on the hour (and half hour for year 1s), but we had a great game of ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf,’ where the children found the time on their clocks before stepping towards a very hungry wolf!


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Free the creatures from the ice prison!

In science this week we were investigating different ways to release the captives from their ice prisons. Could we melt it more quickly, how? And why is it that when ice melts it becomes water?

It all looked a little bit dubious in my freezer, roll over Han Solo!


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This week’s colour mixing fun- with a difference!

We were doing some very large, messy art this week, mixing primary colours to see what happened. Only, who says you have to do it with a paintbrush?!


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Children in Need

What a fantastic end to the week, raising money for such a good cause.

We were delighted with the number of families that joined us for breakfast, and hugely grateful to the donations received. We even had an appearance from Pudsey himself, not to mention staff in pjs! Thank you for your generosity.


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More Gymnastics

More balancing, jumping, running and exploring movement. The children are becoming great little gymnasts.


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Christmas cakes – too exciting!

The children and Mrs Zeal had a wonderful time making their Christmas cakes last week. There are more being made this week too, much to everyone’s delight.


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