RHS Gardens Rosemoor trip

Class One enjoying the delights of RHS Gardens Rosemoor once again, this time for our new topic, ‘Wiggle and Crawl’.  We studied invertebrates under a magnifying glass and learned about many different types.

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Anyone for tennis?

Class One have been enjoying having tennis lessons this half term, learning about different tennis strokes, serving and keeping rallies going. It’s been wonderful to watch their confidence grow.

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Introducing our new class pets!

Class One are very excited to introduce to you our new class pets.  We shall be watching what happens to our 5 hungry caterpillars as they eat their way through their food, and start to change.

This is day 3 – watch for more updates!

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Sports day antics!

Just a few pictures to show you how much sports day was enjoyed by everyone.  Our class certainly had the cuteness factor, with the posey race!  And they all did so well, trying new things and working with their teams. What a lovely day, and thank goodness for that breeze.

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Minibeast hunt in Coombe woods

Can you spot the children?

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Recording time using stop watches.

Reception have been seeing how long it takes to do 5 star jumps, and other energetic exercises, using their stop watches.

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Designing and making a design sample for the Smartest Giant in town!

We’ve been very busy designing a fabric sample for the Smartest Giant. The children were inspired by Henri Matisse and William Morris, so have been choosing their own natural resources to make floral designs. With lovely results, see below!

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Look at how tall our beanstalks are growing!

Class One have been doing some observational drawings of their broad beans. They’re going to need larger pots!

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Exploring Fauna and Flora

Enjoying the sun shine in Coombe Woods whilst searching for flowers and identifying











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Shapes, shapes everywhere!

With the challenge of building a 3D shape beanstalk behind a screen and describing it to a talk partner, our year 1 children have been recalling their shapes and describing them to each other with great attention to detail.

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