Designing and making castles

This week we have spent lots of lovely time designing and making castles. The children have been very keen to get them home, so that they can play with them, with dinosaurs, teddies and ‘to sit inside’!


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Sound Splat with added technical treat!

Today we looked at some of the phase 3 sounds that we have covered so far, in a game of Sound Splat. And for your absolute delight, the Reception children took pictures of it all on the IPad themselves. Here’s what happened!



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Dragons, frogs and knights

The children discovered dragon eggs on the Willowbank! They investigated further and found miniature dragons inside!


To add to the excitement, the children also discovered some changes in the pond; they noticed frogspawn and frogs!


The Year One children enjoyed whittling and tying their own swords to become knights, whilst EYFS enjoyed making their own magical dragon wands!



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World Book Day

Happy World Book Day from all of us in Class One.

And a huge Happy Mother’s Day for Sunday.


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Is yours heavier than mine?

Using balance scales in maths, we’ve been on an object hunt to discover which objects are lighter and which are heavier. We discovered that just because things are smaller it doesn’t mean they weigh less.


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Can you balance on one leg?

We’ve been doing all sorts in PE, learning about attacking and defending, controlling a ball, and balancing on one leg!

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The tower came tumbling down!

The children have been building towers and working out how many bricks they used, and how many they would have with one more or less.

Naughty Miss Muffet and Muddles kept knocking them down, and pinching bricks, meaning we had to count them all over again!

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Is your sword bigger than mine?

Reception have been painting swords in maths, and working out whose is bigger and smaller. We’ve been comparing size and generally getting messy with red paint!


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Studying buildings

Year One went out to look at some of the buildings in our village, comparing old and new, discussing and recording their features. We were surprised to find out how old our school building was, and sketched a house that was built in the 17th century.


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Dragon Painting

More dragons – ooh, scary!



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