Christmas cakes – too exciting!

The children and Mrs Zeal had a wonderful time making their Christmas cakes last week. There are more being made this week too, much to everyone’s delight.


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Choosing time!

The children really enjoy exploring the resources in the classroom, during continuous provision. What discoveries are they making today?!


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Maths – positional language

In, out, up, down, in front, behind, under, over… the fun you can have whilst learning maths!


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Whole School Art Project

This was such a great opportunity for us in our class to learn about colour, and colour mixing, particularly as it’s our topic this half term. The children produced fantastic pieces of art, which were then used by the older school to create flags. A wonderful effort was made by everyone.



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Making woodland animals

Guess what letter I’m holding?



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Monday’s trip to Rosemoor…

I couldn’t resist putting some pictures up of this week’s trip to Rosemoor. We may have more to follow, but here’s some to wet the appetite! We enjoyed doing a ‘Colours of the Rainbow’ session in the morning and a woodland walk in the afternoon. Fun was had by all!


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Introducing a very bossy cat indeed!

I couldn’t resist uploading this picture from our Geography lesson, where Mrs Zeal took on the persona of a very bossy cat, (see our book of the week Oi Frog!) and gave instructions for the children to follow, around the classroom. We then made maps of our routes. Fantastic fun!

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Sewing time!

Oh yes, it’s true! Your children are sewing! What might we have ready for your delight by Christmas time?! Watch this space…


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2D shapes or not 2D shapes…

We’ve been on a shape hunt around the school, made firework pictures, drawn our our own shapes and made them using different resources. This week 2D, next week the World!


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Science – Marvellous Materials

This week we’ve been exploring different materials, and thinking about what might be suitable to fix Miss B’s Cinderella Umbrella! We’ve looked at all sorts, tin foil, ribbon, card, plasters, oil cloth and discussed how we can test it. Let’s hope next week we can put a smile on Miss B’s face, and keep her dry in the rain.


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