Learning about food with Simone Harding

Using our senses to investigate, we discovered and tried new, exciting foods with Simone.  We even made our own experimental sandwiches to take home: someone had lettuce, chocolate and banana!


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Superhero Academy, Skern Lodge

We have had the best day full of adventuring, challenges and attempting things we may not have done before.  We’ve been in tunnels, on assault courses and learning how to fly… honestly!  And the faces say it all – look at those wonderful smiles.




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What is the best material for a superhero cape?

We asked ourselves the question of what would make a good superhero cape, and decided that it would have to be light, strong, fly well in the wind and look cool!

The children decided that to make it a fair test, each material would have to be the same size and the test be the same each time. Group 1 made capes for Muddles, and group 2 for each other. We made predictions on the results, and then went outside to try out our capes by running around the yellow lines of the playground.

Which do you think was the best material?



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Making Christmas decorations with Taz Pollard

The children worked with Taz Pollard to make Christmas decorations.


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How many fingers am I holding up?

Reception have been representing numbers with their fingers.



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Grouping and describing materials

Year One have been playing the tray game with a difference! They’ve described the materials of the objects on the tray, and put them into groups.


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Number Lines



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A class of superheroes!

Just a small selection of pictures of our fabulous class enjoying their new topic.

Watch out, they’re invincible!




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Grouping objects and representing numbers.


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Inputting algorithms – finding the treasure on the map!


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